Our clients tell us that our financial advice gives them peace of mind knowing that professionals are looking after them, and that they are financially well prepared for the future. In addition, they say the benefits of our advice far out-weigh the cost of our advice.

In this page, we will outline some of the areas where we believe we add most value to clients.

It’s interesting, also, to see the results of a study by Rice Warner Actuaries which quantifies the value of financial advice. Some of the results are shown in the charts below*.

Some of the conclusions drawn by Rice Warner include:

  • “There is a key advantage in having an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser in order to maximise opportunities and to build the discipline of maintaining the long term plans.”
  • “In addition to the financial value of advice, there is an emotional value provided from the peace of mind associated with a structured stable plan. For many people, there is huge benefit in having control over their finances, a plan for their future and financial protection against death or disability. These intangible benefits are priceless.”

Another survey found that of those who currently use a financial planner as their main source of advice:

  • 87% said their adviser made a positive or significantly positive difference to their life, and
  • 89% said their most recent discussion with their financial planner was valuable or very valuable.

Yet another research study1 found that:

  • The majority of clients viewed financial advice as making a positive contribution to their financial wellbeing and a range of psychological wellbeing
  • Clients using a financial adviser for longer periods of time perceived themselves to be in a better financial situation

*‘Value of Advice’ Report by Rice Warner Actuaries February 2008. † Investment Trends August 2012 “Advice and Limited Advice Report”.
1 Value of Financial Planning Advice: Process and Outcome Effects on Consumer Wellbeing (Queensland University of Technology in partnership with FSC, 2015)

Potential benefits gained by having a Financial Planner:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Less tax
  • Competitive investment returns with less risk
  • Higher Centrelink benefits (if appropriate for you)
  • Being advised of financial opportunities as they become available
  • Achievement of your medium and long term financial & lifestyle goals
  • More control over your finances and your future
  • Less stress and worry because you will be financially well-prepared for the future
  • An ongoing relationship with financial specialists who are dedicated to understanding your needs
  • And peace of mind from knowing professionals are looking after you and your finances

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