Effective financial solutions

The key to a secure financial future is planning, yet few people have either the knowledge or the time to prepare a proper plan themselves. This is where Invest4life can help.

Invest4life is dedicated to delivering results.

Invest4life’s business is structured to deliver the most effective financial solutions to our clients which will have a positive impact on their lives. We operate closely with our clients to provide the best resources for their needs, whether they are an individual, family or business.

We are distinguished by the strong relationships which are developed with our clients and have proven experience of over 17 years of planning and managing our client portfolios.

The importance of financial planning

Everyone has financial goals and objectives. You may want to provide for your children’s education, pay off your mortgage, establish a family trust, use negative or positive gearing strategies, or implement a tax-effective investment strategy.

Whatever your goals, you are much more likely to achieve them with the help of professional financial advice. With the globalisation of financial markets and the increasing complexity of superannuation, it is becoming very difficult to manage your personal finances on your own.

Invest4life is dedicated to providing sound financial advice to help enable you to build wealth, achieve financial security and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Preparing for your first meeting

High quality advice depends on the adviser having a clear picture of your financial circumstances. Your adviser may request information from you, including, but not limited to:

  • Photo Identification, e.g. Drivers License or Passport
  • What you own – your home, savings, superannuation, car, shares and other investments
  • What you owe – debts including mortgages and outstanding credit card balances
  • Your income and expenses
  • What insurance cover you have and for how much
  • Whether you have an up-to-date will

Copies of pay slips, statements and policy certificates will help your adviser get a snap shot of your financial situation.

The first meeting with your adviser is complimentary

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