Previously known as account based pensions, a retirement phase pension is an investment which pays you a regular and tax effective income in retirement.

How do retirement phase pensions (RPPs) work?

You invest money from a superannuation fund into an RPP. The RPP then pays you a regular income comprised of earnings and capital until your account runs out.

The amount a person can invest in a RPP is limited by transfer balance caps. Currently. the general transfer balance cap is $1.6 million.*

*As at August 2017. Please speak with your financial adviser to confirm the up-to-date transfer balance cap.

The annual income you choose must be at least equal to the Government’s prescribed minimum, based on your account balance.

What are the tax advantages of RPPs?

  • Lump sum tax is deferred when you transfer superannuation money to an RPP. Once you are 60+, lump sum tax will be eliminated.
  • No tax on earnings in the fund.
  • Little or no tax on RPP income. In fact, once you are 60 or more, you will pay no tax on RPP income.

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