A diversified portfolio invests in each of the major asset classes, in proportions that suit the risk & return profile of the investor. The major asset classes are shares, property, fixed interest and cash. A well diversified portfolio usually invests in a number of securities in each asset class, directly and/or via managed funds, and may invest in Australia and overseas.

What is the benefit of investing in a diversified portfolio?

A diversified portfolio reduces investment risk in two main ways:
1. Investment in a broad range of securities lessens the impact on a portfolio of one security failing.
2. Investment across the major asset classes tends to smooth the overall portfolio returns, because while one asset class is in a downturn other asset classes should be performing well.

The best of both worlds

A diversified portfolio gives you access to the potentially higher returns from quality shares and property, combined with the security of fixed interest and cash.

Case study

Let’s say you had $100,000 to invest on 1 January 1982. Chart 2 shows how much wealth you may have created by investing in certain assets by January 2017, assuming income was re-invested. As you can see, if you had invested your money into term deposits, it would have grown to $984,987. But if you had invested in a diversified portfolio, you would have $3,911,807. It’s a $2,926,820 improvement.

Now let’s assume you retired at the start of 2017. What would be your investment income position? Your diversified portfolio would be generating an income of something like $167,860 this year (based on last year’s income). On this, you and your spouse could expect to pay tax of $9,230 (as shown in Table 1). Compare that to the $24,132 net income you would receive from term deposits this year (based on last year’s income).

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