Consumers warned about cold calling scam impersonating government departments

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) – Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator – urges consumers to be wary of cold callers claiming to represent ASIC or other government departments. These cold callers ask for your personal and financial details. These calls are a scam, and ASIC has warned anyone who is contacted to[…]

Do you need to protect your assets after you die? Quick quiz here

Are you concerned that: Your beneficiaries may not have the ability to manage or protect the wealth you have accumulated after you die – for example, they might have lost legal capacity or they might have substance abuse/gambling issues or they might be spendthrifts Your beneficiaries could face bankruptcy, divorce or legal action Your beneficiaries[…]

Here’s how a tiny 0.63% p.a. may save you an incredible $85,216 on your mortgage

Here’s an example of why it may pay to find a lower interest rate on your home loan. For the sake of this example, let’s assume that the rate offered by your lender is 4.73% p.a. for their basic variable home loan, compared to a rate of 4.10% through Australian Unity. It’s a difference of[…]

What do world-class companies do better than their competitors?

Company management, if they have a worthwhile ambition, it’s this one: to turn their businesses into worldclass operations. The reality is that few companies attain world-class status. Foreign companies that have achieved this feat include, Google, Intel, Toyota Motor and Walmart. Australian companies that have this standing include BHP Billiton, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, Macquarie[…]

Here’s why I think sharemarkets are over-reacting to what’s been happening in China recently:

Share markets are over-reacting to China; the long term outlook is generally positive As the adage goes ‘may you live in interesting times’. In recent months this is unquestionably true as the world grapples with a set of dynamics that are indeed proving to be challenging in the short term. From a share market perspective,[…]